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Keyghobad Nabavi was born in 1957 in Tehran, Iran. He, his parents, and his younger sister, moved to the United States in the late seventies and took up residence in the Los Angeles area. In the eighties he became a U.S. citizen and chose Casey as his middle name. From that point on, he adopted K.C. Nabavi as his pen name.

K.C. has always had a knack for writing. He worked in the medical laboratory industry and wrote articles and literature that were related to his work. When he retired, he began writing short stories and published his first book.

K.C. writes true stories as well as novels that are inspired by true events. He writes with passion, and he connects with his readers on a personal level. His own life experiences are remarkable, and his fictional characters are relatable and unforgettable.

He loves to hear from his readers. To send K.C. a message, please go to the inquiries page.

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